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the green and black presentation is displayed in this image
Brand Identity, Tagset Group - Brand Guisdelines
the different types of arrows are shown in this set, including one arrow and two other arrows
Skirmantas Raila
a tall black building with a white f on it's side and the letter f in front of it
Tatari: A clear way forward.
Tatari - A clear way forward.
the logo for gourmista is shown in three different colors and font styles
Gourmista - Brand Identity
an image of some type of business cards that are designed to look like they have been made
six different logos designed to look like letters and numbers, all in white on a black background
Premium Vector | Set of abstract initial letter f logo template icons for business of finance fashion sport
four different types of arrows on a dark blue background, each with an arrow pointing to the left
F Marks
an abstract logo with blue shapes
an arrow pointing to the left on a bright orange and red background with white lettering
a black and white logo with the letter f on it
LogoArchive: Ferrante Petroli by Mimmo Castellano, 1969, Italy.