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Aw they remind me of baby Pumpkin! I miss him :(

Bunny Yawning-- one of the cutest things you will ever see! :)

i want to kiss him. Bunnies are so soft. I had one as a child that grew to near 20 lbs., Houdini. He lived to a very old age for a bunny.

Super Fluffy Easter bunny, 'cause you told me today that if there was any animal in the world that you could have, it would be a bunny rabbit... I'll keep that in mind my love xx

.Hahahaha.....I'm thinking my husband needs a rabbit for his 60th birthday. These are too, too cute!!!! WANT.....

Mother's Day, Animal Kingdom

Wee Baby BunFluff | The 33 Fluffiest Animals On The Planet @BadgerMaps

bunnies make no noise, have clean pellet poops, can be taught tricks, cost next to nothing to feed, only clean out the cage every couple of days, good companion, always small, doesn't shed.

smiling here~