Nunzia Mariano
Nunzia Mariano
Nunzia Mariano

Nunzia Mariano

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punto noccioline - spiegazioni con disegni e video

Knot Stitch Blanket - Shortrounds Knitwear

Knit Chart Symbols | Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council

Très joli motif

Knitted Dishcloths (Free Patterns - all need to be downloaded and extra stitches and rows need to be added for seed stitch border.)

Butterfly stitch is a pretty knitting stitch. The reverse looks interesting too. Knitted in a multiple of 10 + 9 sts and 20-row repeat.

This is *just* about tall enough...maybe one more repeat!

узоры для вязания

Узор ажурный. Спицы.