Stile di vita in Italia

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a large building with statues on the front and side of it's facade,
Servizi di autonoleggio in tutto il mondo con i migliori fornitori
Italia giro
a dining room table with chairs and an artistic light fixture
Modern Dining Room in Chicago designed by LMID group - Lukas Machnik Interior Design. I used very dark walls in this interior with black floor to make the space feel very grand, chairs and table are by Max Alto (B Itallia) lamp by Flos, antler sculpture by artist Lonney White and large task sculpture is my my friend TY Best (Caste Design).
a white sports car parked in a parking lot next to a tree and shrubbery
My Store
Another day on the job...458 Itallia
an aerial view of the countryside with trees and houses
Spritz, un cocktail per il Lifestyle italiano