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Altre idee da Noesis

an insulated igloo to camp IN THE SNOW. - don't even have snow and I want it

Coffee table + multi-touch electronic technology in one!

I think this is totally cool! A modern age tri-corder. To be able to use for dietary uses... look for allergens, or even look for poisons. This has unlimited possibilities as the tech gets better. At some point, this might even be included in our phones!

A pen shaped scanner that will scan any printed text and automatically insert it into any application on your computer.

#Tuscan Snack with Pecorino cheese from #Maremma, dried figs, walnuts and a healthy glass of red wine

Tuscan White Bean Soup with Pancetta and Rosemary #tuscany #toscana #tuscanfood

Typical Italian antipasti from #Maremma #Tuscany Italy

La pizza napoletana riconosciuta specialità tradizionale garantita

caprese garlic bread

Spring Holi Festival of Color in India