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Shared home office ideas so you can learn how to work from home together. Our office decorating experts show you how to design a workspace for two. From desks to decor, create a working space in your home. For more home office ideas go to Domino.

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There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds

Architects design

Image 1 of 14 from gallery of Tammo Prinz Architects Propose Platonian Tower in Lima. Photograph by Tammo Prinz Architects

Architects design

Image 2 of 37 from gallery of The Pinch Library And Community Center / Olivier Ottevaere + John Lin. Courtesy of Olivier Ottevaere + John Lin

Architects design

ML House / Play Arquitetura Location: Pampulha, Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, Brasil Architects: Marcelo Alvarenga Juliana Figueiro The existing materials, brick and concrete, were kept and also used in the new extensions.