Eleonora Piazza

Eleonora Piazza

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Rustic & Refined: Spring at Home ~ Rustic Style

Textured slab plate

A bird-topped totem for the garden / Primitiva Pottery / Maria root

Nellie Birds - Kind of love 'em!

Ceramics by Ray Macro at Studiopottery.co.uk - Group of three Wall lights - Triangular section. Two sided and single sided. Produced in 2003.

Polymer and Mosaics - geometric shapes with pattern texture - this could work with a limited color pallet - also need to control thickness - it would be great if they could each make their own pattern stamp (bottom of shoe possibility)

Wall art via Etsy...although I think I might have gotten in on the ground floor with these because I don't remember paying anywhere near this much for them. At any rate, they're really interesting and I love it that they're not the "same old same old." Plus they look great on the strong wall color.

ceramic wind chimes

Wind chimes

Wind chime