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i love myself very much .......

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Chris Wood at The Carrie Diaries season two premiere party

Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen (born Mary Alice Brandon in 1901) is a clairvoyant vampire and member of the Olympic coven. She is the soulmate of Jasper Hale, the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, the adoptive sister of Emmett and Edward Cullen, and of Rosalie Hale. Alice is also the adoptive sister-in-law of Bella Swan and the adoptive aunt of Renesmee Cullen.

the vampire diaries #stefan#elena#damon

I found 'Pink High Heel Glow In The Dark Sneakers!' on Wish, dont like pink, but would love this in Blue or Purple!

We provide high quality celebrity cardboard cutouts of your favorite musicians, bands, politicians, movie actors and other star icons in all sizes.

The Originals Mikaelson Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca Daylight Ring

The Originals Mikaelson Klaus Elijah by OffworldCollectables, £8.99

Ring, The Vampire Diaries, Damon, Vintage Swarovski Cabochon, Midnight in Forks Ring, Christmas, Bridesmaid, Friendship, Graduation Gift

Carolines Ring: Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli - Vampire Diaries... This is so pretty ^.^ I wants it.

The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore C... (bestseller)

Matt has definitely gotten into more drama as the season goes by