Focus on: Loop System

Everything’s on display with Loop: use it to hang up clothes, objects and accessories.
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a green cabinet with drawers and a white handle on the bottom shelf next to it
Loop Bench with Drawers - Nidi
Loop bench with drawers
an open bookcase with shelves and curtains
Loop System with Curtains - Nidi
Loop system with curtain
an open closet with two drawers and a coat rack
Loop System - Nidi
Loop system
a black and white box with a handle on it's side, sitting next to a light pole
Loop System with Doors - Nidi
Loop system with doors
a white shelf with two yellow shelves and an open door on the bottom, in front of a white background
Loop System with Bookcase - Nidi
Loop system with bookcase
a wooden stand with two black handles
Loop System Hanging Rod - Nidi
Loop system hanging rods
a white rack with clothes hanging on it in front of a window and a mirror
clothes are hanging on the wall next to a shelf
an organized closet with clothes hanging on the wall and open curtains to let light in