Altre idee da Nicole

Instagram photo by @f.ilters via

Instagram media by rad.filters - I love this filter it makes the pics look like grunge/pale

Instagram media by filters.vsco - Another grunge filter. -- Pic creds to their original owners. --

T1 +8 Exposure -2 Tint +3 Highlights Save +7 Grain +2

P5 Exposure -3 Grain +9

P5 Temperature -2 Saturation +1 Highlights Save +6 Tint +2 Highlights Magenta +8

T1 +9 Exposure -1 Highlights Save +5 Tint +3

HB2 Exposure +2 Shadows Save +12 Highlights Save +12

Instagram media by filters.vsco - If you want your feed to be comprised of pictures with lots of black and white elements in them, this is the filter for you.

Instagram media by tropical.filters - // bright filter // - ↠ looks best with : anything! - ↠ ps. Our new theme is going to tropical so the colors are green, blue, white, black. We're going to also be posting magic hour filters. My friend is also going to be helping me on this account. - ↠ qotd: what's your favorite song right now? Mine is first by cold war kids