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No Shadow by Mokoto Tojik // WHAT WILL YOU CURATE?

Light Sculptures By Makoto Tojiki A great way to mix the old with the new, bringing sculpting in the new world. “ Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with light, exploring its use in.

Just taking baby for a stroll. Artist: shi jinsong

Post-apocalyptic stroller by Shi Jinsong. Na Zha Baby Boutique exhibition, a series of stainless steel sculptures depicting baby accessories—rattle, cot, stroller, etc.—made from razor-sharp blades (Na Zha is a child warrior deity in Chinese mythology).

Wang Zhiyuan "Purge" (2009) fiberglass, electronic rubbish, sound, LED

Beijing-based artist, Wang Zhiyuan, creates towering tornado sculptures from hundreds of plastic containers discarded as trash.

Pierre Huyghe Bee headed woman @ The Guardian

Documenta 13 festival of art. An artwork featuring live bees, created by French artist Pierre Huyghe. Her "head writhes with bees, like thoughts buzzing," writes Adrian Searle

D-Shape by Roberto Cuoghi Design, for info/sale mail to:

D-Shape by Roberto Cuoghi Design, for info/sale mail to:

WHAT WILL YOU CURATE? | Carsten Höller for Prada Foundation

Prada’s search for future star curators