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Dying of laughter - I wonder if this is actually the case, lol. "Mr. Cumberbatch, you have to wear a nice suit." "But that's so ORDINARY. Oh, fine." (melodramatic sigh) xD
Sherlock gif. Quite possibly the best one yet. To the person who made this: you are a genius and an incredible artist. If someone knows who the maker of this gif is, please let me know! << Update to my original caption: Thanks to the help of some very nice people, I've found the artist! Here is a link to not-quite-normal's original post on tumblr:
That's our Cumberbatch! #Cumberbomb
Photobombing gif
Chi non osa nulla, non speri in nulla.– Friedrich von Schiller, Grazieeee!
Tom Holland Basically — wadestarks: [x]
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When everything is over…
*90 year old golden retriever walks in with a plate of freshly baked cookies and asks what is wrong*