Little Dog says to The Horse, whose named is: "Beaumont."  ~  "Will you walk a little faster please 'Beaumont?'   We are already running late!"

I have a Jack russell and let me tell you.THEY ARE GREAT DOGS! If you want a crazy, goofy, but amazing dog you should consider a Jack russell!

Polish Artist Shows Just How Awesome Sketch Tattoos Can Be

„Beauty Of Imperfection“ – Awesome Sketch Tattoos by Polish Artist Inez Janiak Mehr

Found this amazing tattoo on the internet! Lion mandala tattoo with blue gem

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ mandala tattoo for Around the arm

mandala tattoo cat - Recherche Google

2017 trend Geometric Tattoo - The start of a full dotwork mandala chest tattoo!

Tiger mandala

I want something balanced && intricate like this. I also like the black && gray tones vs.