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delthefunkyhomosexual: “ ““Сотворение” ” so i threw this into translate and i was confused for a split second before remembering: ”

Castello Piccolomini - Celano (L'Aquila)

Castello Piccolomini - Celano (L'Aquila)

Sexy, Umorismo, Aforismi, Vignette, Barzellette.

Sexy, Umorismo, Aforismi, Vignette, Barzellette.


Normally I wouldn't post a "hot chick" photo (mostly cause I'm a girl and I'm straight) but this is actually kinda classy. The bike is hot, guy has edgy mystery thing going on, and girl isn't doing the standard topless g-string bike straddle crap

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Questa è la prova he dio Esiste! XD (Clicca per ingrandire l’immagine)

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