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a man in space suit holding a sci - fi light saber and an o ring
Space Fairy, Eric Martin
A character I made while in Anthony Jones Character Design Mentorship class for my portfolio.
an image of a sci - fi character holding something in his hand
Engineer/nowayback, Marko Drazic
a man holding a sci - fi device in his hands
Science Fiction, Design, Machinist, Engineering, Soldier
Machinist , John Azure Kim
the concept art for an upcoming sci - fi film is shown in three different views
Machine Engineer Concept Art, Weronika Kordeusz
a character from the video game deselpunk forgemaster holding a light
Dieselpunk Character Design, Tianyi Liu
four different types of fire fighters in various poses
HARDSPACE: Shipbreaker // Workers, Cristina Laviña Ferez
Space Battles, Star Citizen
Combat Engineer Demo, Johnson Ting
Robot Suit, Shadowrun, Sci Fi Fantasy
Bruno Gauthier Leblanc | Concept Art World
a drawing of a man in yellow and black gear
a man in an orange and gray uniform with a radio on his chest is holding something
a man dressed in an orange and black outfit holding a large metal object on his arm
Engineer by CarlHolden on DeviantArt