Mandala...Los mándalas son diagramas o representaciones esquemáticas y simbólicas del macrocosmos y el microcosmos, utilizados en el budismo y el hinduismo.Dentro de las múltiples técnicas de relajación orientales, se encuentra la de pintar mándalas, fomentan la introspección y fortalecen la creatividad.

This Mandala style tattoo is full of detail. I would like the experiment with Mandala designs by adding colour to them.

Armband blackwork

Simple arm band tattoos show that you have lost someone that you love. This would be an awesome, yet simple tattoo to get in remembrance of my little brother.

Wenzel Jamnitzer, Perspectiva Corporum Regularium, 1568

Wenzel Jamnitzer, Perspectiva Corporum Regularium, 1568 I really enjoy this kind of work.


Tree rings tattoo by David Hale, Love Hawk Tattoo in Athens, GA. Tracking the life of a tree.

Manicure Ideas

Manicure Ideas

12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape and craft scissors - great idea to hide the gap where my gel manicure is growing out!


Mandalas represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism, also exhibiting balance. It is also seen in Christian architecture.

Wind Map: Living portraits of wind currents over the US ( click on LIVE REAL TIME map)  / Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg

Article: "Mesmerizing Kinetic Map Shows Real-Time Wind Speeds in the US".it's like the winds illustrated with fur.

Modern Heroes – Batman et Superman sculptés dans le marbre par Mauro Perucchetti

“Modern Heroes“, a white marble sculpture of the artist Mauro Perucchetti representing two of the most famous and popular superheroes, Batman and Superman, in poses using the codes of ancient sculpture.

Love the ombré. I wish my hair was lighter to do this

Magazine: Vogue Taiwan, January 2012 Photographer: Naomi Yang Featuring: Josefien Rodermans Stylist: Lilly Marthe Ebener Delicate and beautiful pink and blue streaks weaved through blonde hair. More Hair Styles Like This!

Ombre, Tie Dye Hair Extensions, Brunette 20" Human Hair, Clip-In Clip-On or Tape.  Pre-Made or Custom. $169.99, via Etsy.

Items similar to Pastel Rainbow Hair Extension - Tips Dip Dyed - Weft Clip Extensions - Ombre - Free People Brown on Etsy

pink and patterns

dip dye hair vogueaustralia: Abbey’s strands take a dip. How to get dip dyed hair. Image of Abbey Lee by Max Doyle.