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Now THIS is how I picture Celaena's eyes to look like!!! (From Throne of Glass/ Crown of Midnight)

he was unable to put his finger on it until he stared into those gorgeous sea green eyes. he definitely remembered those eyes. he could forget the world and still remember those eyes.

Trabalhe seu corpo Físico, para curar sua Mente . Enriqueça seu corpo Espiritual para curar seu corpo Emocional ! Código de Ética dos Índios Americanos. RCR.

I cannot even put into words how much I love love love green eyes, bright green eyes like these ones, and wish I had them or one of my kids, but we got stuck with brown.and I only know one person who does have these green eyes, and she is gorgeous!

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i was seven years old when my teacher told me the most vibrant colored insects were the most poisonous. as i stared into your eyes at this moment, a swirl of bright green and blue, i realize he was right.