Quinoa Coconut Bars steps copy.jpg

Quinoa Coconut Granola Bar

Quinoa Coconut Bars, substitue stevia with coconut sugar and liquid stevia & coconut manna with honey & almond butter


Cream Cheese, Carrot and Black Olive Penguins. So cute and yummy!

Tresse étoile fourrée

Last week we showed you one really cool recipe for making Nutella Braided Bread . Today we are going to show you different Nutella Braided Bread, but also very delicious.

Biscuits décoration de tasse

Mini gingerbread house for hot chocolate cups.link for a DIY version. A DIY mini gingerbread house whose sole purpose is to rest on your coffee cup.

Refrigerator Jam

Refrigerator Jam {Sugar-Free Pectin-Free) 1 + cup strawberries cub rhubarb 2 T raw honey (or for taste) 2 T chai seeds Process all ingredients in a blender and refrigerate over night. The chia seeds will gel, thickening the fruit puree.