Puglia, Italy

Traditional Life in Puglia, Italy


Isole Tremiti, Puglia, Italy is really a fantastic place for traveling.


Fishing boats sit in Porto Badisco, in southern Italy's Puglia region, near Lecce. The region has some of the brightest seas.

A cat on the roof  Alberobello, Apulia.

Un gatto sul tetto dei trulli A cat on the roof Alberobello Apulia Italia

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Friselle, a very hard bread, to dive shortly in water, spread ripe tomatos on it, add salt and vergine olive oil mmmh!

Vieste, Puglia.

This boot was made for walking: Hiking the spur of Italy's heel - Europe - Travel - The Independent

wonderful place/ Apulia

Torre_SantAndrea_Lecce Torre San'Andrea - Salento coast near Lecce (Puglia).

Apulia (Italia)

Mediterráneo Top Secret

Sun, beach and great Italian food. the perfect combination for your Italian wedding

Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Italy

Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Italia