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an open book with drawings of women's faces
Marini - Libreria Marini
LIONNI Leo, "Per grazia ricevuta". Milano, Grafica Uno, 1966. 22 litografie fustellate in nero raffiguranti 22 diversi profili femminili (cm 17x14; 17x9,5; 17x11). Edizione originale di 1000 es. numerati e firmati dall'Artista (Original edition of 1000 numbered copies signed by the Artist)
a man's stomach with red ink on it, and some drawings in the shape of skeletons
a pinkie sitting at a desk with an open book and pen in her mouth
fluttershy pfp  ♡ icon
a woman's thigh with a star tattoo on it
a black and white drawing of a cat with headphones
a cat with headphones and stars on it's leg
Henna, Subtle Tattoos, Kuku, Minimal Tattoo
a black cat tattoo on the leg
a black cat with red eyes and fangs on it's face is surrounded by skulls