love using brown paper bags from the grocer (reuse!) wrap presents... so much more personal and creative

Biglietti auguri di Natale fai da te – varie idee

cute gift wrap idea for when you don't have wrapping paper using a brown paper bag, a sharpie and post it notes - gotta remember to do creative stuff like this!

Wallter / Fold Bedding

Wall Beds - The Wallbed Workshop London: Wallbeds, Folding beds, Sofa Beds, Fold Down Beds, etc.

Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Garden by Back To The Roots

Smart communities come in all sizes! Heres a sweet little closed-loop ecosystem that cleans itself and grows fresh food The Aquaponics Garden: an elegant table-top fish tank that cleans itself grows fresh food at the same time. A closed-loop ecosystem!