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Mary de Cotton

Images that inspire me as I write another Mary book, this one based in the late 12th and early 13th century. The theme of the book is moral courage. The plot is how Mary de Cotton, a daughter of a merchant and importer in London, deals with the changes in her world. As England changes, so too does Mary.
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Falconry is a hunting sport Mary would engage in.


This is a aquamanile, a pitcher used to wash hands. Water is inside the horse, and the strange protrusion is the spout.


if Mary were to go to court, or if her father, Hugh, entertained guests in their London home, they would have musicians in to play.

Mary would dress like this. Her cousin, Richard, would dress very much like her except he would wear a shorter gown. The sleeves on both would be gusseted, This would allow for free movement of the arm.

This images shows dressmakers at work. This is from the 14th century, but dressmaking did not change until the 19th century with the introduction of the sewing mating. When Mary would go to the dressmaker, this is the sort of activity she would see.