Santo Rosário / Terço / Rosário

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an old book with spanish writing on it
Clube de Leitura Caritatem
an ornate painting with many people around it
Orgero C. sec. XX, Madonna del rosario con San Domenico e devoti
jesus sitting on the ground with his arms outstretched and looking up at the sky above him
Prayer – Saint Isodore, Feast day 4 April
a painting of jesus sitting on top of a rock with his hands folded in prayer
As Grandiosas Orações, Devoções ao Pai Eterno, Jesus Cristo, Espírito Santo, A Maria Santíssima Nossa Senhora, Santos e Anjos
an image of jesus surrounded by other people
an image of jesus and mary with oranges on the tree's branches in front of them
31 de Maio: Visitação a Virgem Maria
the two women are talking to each other in front of an arch with trees and bushes
A Catholic Rose
a painting of an angel and two children
an old book with spanish writing on it
the spanish text is shown in blue and white, with an ornate border around it
Como rezar o Santo Rosário ou Terço