Marc Chagall “Equestrian”

Above: Equestrienne, 1931 ~ Marc Chagall . Don’t Let That Horse… :) . Don’t let that horse eat that violin cried Chagall’s mother But he kept right on painting And became famous And kept on.

Rose Festival in Morocco  香ってくる♥

Morocco - sitting in roses. Visit kelaa mgouna in May for the rose festival

nataliakoptseva:  1929  Marc Chagall  Les Amoureux   Huile sur Toile    55x38 cm  Tel-Aviv, Museum of Art

1929 Marc Chagall Les Amoureux Huile sur Toile cm Tel-Aviv, Museum of Art. "I have always painted pictures where human love floods my colors.

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Marc Chagall, Life isn't about straight lines, it is dreamy, complex and intertwined. Chagall shows this beautifully in his dreamiest paintings.