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Citrine, one of the two minerals on the planet which does not hold or accumulate negative energy but rather dissipates and transmutes it. Hence, it never needs clearing or cleansing.

Paraiba Tourmaline, named after the place it was found. It has appeared in the most amazing colours of neon blue (turquoise), green, blue, mauve and violet. Paraiba Tourmalines are amongst the most powerful and healing gemstones

Watermelon Tourmaline

water and wine glasses. so chic

Cool glasses-ok, I love these better than the little handle glasses. This is so practical. See, the work of drinking is half done for you. Bottoms up!

3D Printing Design Vase

Brighten up your desk with geo mini planters.

15 packaging interactifs carrément géniaux !

Make these faux raw Gold and Glass earrings from polymer clay