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Built by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architect in Sandvik, Sweden with date Images by Lindman Photography. This house is like a funnel of light, space and sea views. The location is the west coast of the Baltic island of Öla.

Water Tower Turned London Residence (19)

Grand design - Conversion of former London water tower into modern residence by Leigh Osborne & Graham Voce.

Plastic Moon / N MAEDA ATELIER

Gallery of Plastic Moon / N MAEDA ATELIER - 9

Lovely Sustainable Guest House Designed For Weekend Vacations

LM Guest House in Dutchess County, New York by Desai/Chia Architects. It's not a typical weekend cottage. It's minimalistic and elegant.

Outdoor entrance + bamboo + dark timber

Photo of a australian native garden design from a real Australian home - Gardens photo 168255

Rocky Mountainside Chair House by Igor Sirotov 1

Architecture: Simple Elegance Chair House, an Interesting Home Concept by Igor Sirotov Architect. Amazing Design of Chair House on Rocky Ocean Coast

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