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Funny pictures about Le Gogh. Oh, and cool pics about Le Gogh. Also, Le Gogh.

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Snapchat: stefanoguerrera Musa - Aplhonse Mucha (1900 ca.) #seiquadripotesseroparlare #stefanoguerrera

Page: Muse Artist: Alphonse Mucha Style: Romanticism Genre: mythological painting Tags: female-portraits

The Kiss in the wrong place and time. Daniele Urgo ( Done) from Francesco Hayez

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Carl Heinrich Bloch."Resurrezione"

Acts tells us that after the resurrection there was a period of forty days in which the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples. What does the Bible tell us that Jesus did in those 40 days?

John Everett Millais ." La damigella d'onore "

John Everett Millais ." La damigella d'onore "

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