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there are two pictures of a baby in a crib and one is kissing the other
Regulus and Sirius
Art by @industrations on Insta
an anime scene with two people standing on the stairs and another person walking down the stairs
snapchat, insta, and quidditch=games that gryffindor JUST CAN’T LOSE. amazing illos & hilarz captions created exclusively for SparkNotes by the awesome @sasmilledge
some very cute cartoon characters with one pointing at the other man's hand while another looks on
an image of two people talking to each other with caption bubbles above them that reads,'you want me to tell uncle harry that was you? do you? i grow up in a
19 Years Later! Hahaha "The weak don't survive"
the comics are very funny with each other
two comics with people sitting on the floor and one is holding a basketball ball in his hand
the movie poster for harry potter is shown in this screenshote screen graber
Happy Potter - Funny
Harry Potter TikTok