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SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL. on Instagram: “NEW VIDEO UP! ⚡️Link in bio - showing you guys how I do my ponytail w/ extensions in. Using @bellamihair 18" and 20" silver extensions”
Charcoal Gray Silver Balayage
Lavander to gray ombre
Cute Animals Nail Art Tutorial :) Quite like the penguins!
And this bunny who is, perhaps, the most glamorous bunny on the entire internet.
Bunny Behavior...pooping is not it's own category because they poop continuously, luckily its really easy to clean up
#spring #mani
L'acconciatura della sposa: come scegliere quella giusta a seconda della scollatura dell’ abito
vestito da sposa
Abito da sposa con gonna a petali dal bianco al rosa magenta