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Lava miner, Andi Koroveshi on ArtStation at

Musicality at it's finest. Medicine for the Soul. - Now available in…

Game of thrones fanart. Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons

Mai had been walking home after a long day of school when she saw them. It was dark out and not many people were around. The glowing sparks and specks surrounded her, bathing her in bright, warm light. At first, she wondered if she had fallen asleep in Mr. Neelson's class and was dreaming, but no. This was real and gorgeous and she only wished she had brought her Nikon.

reflection of the sky against the wet pavement. It feels so nostalgic for some reason.

Night by Zoriy on DeviantArt

falling sky

Moon. Night. Forest. Dreamer. Wallpaper