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a person with a tattoo on their leg
60 Gengar Tattoo Designs for Men [2024 Inspiration Guide]
a black and white drawing of a woman surrounded by other things
Conservative, Playful Tattoo Design for a Company by SangBlater | Design #21916641
several different types of alien like creatures
Lil’ Egytian gods | Anubis, Bast, Horus, Sobek, and Thoth | silverfox5213 @ deviantArt | Mythology, Egyptian gods, Fantasy art
two bats with wings drawn in pencil
Bat Wings Tattoo Design by Rendezvous2279 on DeviantArt
Metal, Steampunk, Engel, Robot, Steampunk Art, Steampunk Drawing, Steampunk Wings, Metal Wings
Steampunk Wing by AeroNumi on DeviantArt
two drawings of wings, one red and the other blue