Georgy Kurasov

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Cubism, Cubist Art, Cubism Art, Russian Art, Art Moderne, Surreal Art
a man standing in front of two large paintings
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground with her hand to her face and looking at something
10 Kaleidoscopic Abstract Paintings By Georgy Kurasov
an image of a painting with people in the background and one person holding a cross
Georgy Kurasov
Georgy Kurasov
a painting of a woman with an umbrella in front of a cityscape at sunset
a painting of two people dancing in front of a piano
a painting with an image of a woman in the middle and two other figures behind her
Artist of the Day, March 27, 2021: Georgy Kurasov, a Russian painter (#1242)
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a painting of a man sitting next to a woman in a dress and top hat
Georgy Kurazov