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DIY Toilet Cleaning Fizzies with essential oil {aka toilet bombs) - cleans, freshens, scrubs, removes stains, deodorizes, and disinfects. made with lemon essential oil #essentialoilrecipes #toiletbomb #naturalDIY #DIYessentialoil #essentialoilcleaning #lemonessentialoil

Toilet fizzies

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Natural allergy relief remedies

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Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!! A bath bomb that cleans your commode! #cleaning #cleaningtips #organization #toiletbombs #fizzytoiletbombs #toiletfizzies #cleaninghack #lifehack #fizzies #householdtips #diy #essentialoils #homemade #citricacid #howtomaketoiletbombs

Smelly things around house

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Bruise and Burn Salve- Quickly prepared at home.
DIY sunblock recipe, make your own Sunscreen oil - natural skin care product
How to Make Your Own Burn Cream...


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Mix rubbing alcohol with water and throw in the freezer for a slushy ice pack. Cover with a pretty case and use again and again.
DIY Aromatherapy Neck Pillow (made from a sock!) Video Tutorial
This DIY Upcycled No Sew Heat Pack is a great gift idea! It's perfect for laboring Mom's, summer sports injuries and more!

Heat wraps

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This is one tip you will want to do immediately!! Never go back to buying hand foaming bottles again. Make your own antibacterial foaming hand soap in seconds for just pennies.
at home remedies for shampoo and conditioner
DIY Toilet Bombs - Deodorize & Kill Bacteria! Just Drop One in the Bowl;-)))


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Sore Muscles Soak
How to make a homemade massage oil for bedtime that will transform your kids bedtime routine.
This Chili & Chocolate Homemade Sore Muscle Salve Recipe is great for stiff muscles & aches and is formulated for use in conjunction with a body massage.   Or if you're allergic to sensitive to capsicum try this recipe with ginger instead: http://soapdelinews.com/2015/02/homemade-ginger-salve-recipe-for-sore-muscles.html

Sore muscles

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This Homemade Body Wash recipe is SO easy - just dump it all together and you are good to go! Plus, it only has 5 simple ingredients that won't cost you an arm and a leg!

Body wash

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Is it possible to have a well-styled beard that smells fantastic and actually benefits your facial hair? If you are using this beard butter recipe, then yes!
Homemade Shaving Cream with only 6 simple ingredients! Stop wasting money on shaving cream! DIY Easy Homemade Shaving Cream for men or women! You'll wonder why you never made this before! Rich, all natural, & skin-softening! Smells wonderful... it's the perfect homemade gift idea. Check out this simple recipe right now!


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How to Make Your Own Deodorant #DIY #HEALTH #NATURAL #REMEDIES #BEAUTY
DIY deodorant - coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay (it's a natural detoxifier), and tea tree oil.


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DIY Apple scented lotion bars not only smell yummy but they also nourish and soften your skin! #diybeauty #diy #falldiy #DILotionbars
Someone said: every winter I battle skin so dry it cracks and bleeds. A few years ago a cousin gave me homemade lotion that I hoarded. It finally ran out, which led me to this recipe. It is a bit greasy but works instantly and you can use cornstarch to cure the greasiness! With dollar store ingredients cost me just a few bucks to make. I can not rave enough about this one !
DIY - Homemade lip gloss that doesn't use a double boiler

Women related

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Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Cubes
14 home-made soap recipes
How to Make Homemade Soaps with Herbs - Learn how to make homemade soaps with easy-to-follow instructions. These five healing recipes will become instant favorites, perfect for any occasion or skin-type.


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Make your own sleepytime lotion
Calming Lavender Lotion using only 3 ingredients! | PrimallyInspired.com

Sleepy time

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Explore our Rose Cream for Face in the Rose Recipes & Rose Petal Recipes collection. This fragrant cream deeply hydrates, moisturizes, and leaves your skin glowing. Crafted with healing flowers, it combines rose water, rose-infused oil, and rose essential oil for optimal skin hydration and tone. Find more DIY Natural Makeup Recipes, Natural Herbs, and Herb Recipes at simplybeyondherbs.com.

Skin care

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I use this ALOT!!! All natural Homemade version of Vick's Vapor Rub = coconut oil and eucalyptus essential oil.


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Homemade Magnesium Gummies—A Chewable “Chill Pill” and Natural Sleep Aid

Feet and legs

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DIY First Aid Ointment
Do bug bites have you scratching? Or maybe you suffer from dry, itchy skin? This herbal anti-itch salve is so easy to make. It's soothing, anti-inflammatory, and smells wonderful. Click through to find out how to make a natural herbal anti-itch salve you'll love!

Homemade first aid

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This tutorial shows you how to make shower steamers that are strong enough to provide the benefits their supposed to. It covers both, aromatherapy shower steamer recipe with essential oils and a recipe that will help you clear your sinuses. #showersteamers #showermelts #essentialoilrecipes #essentialoils
epsom salt detox bath

Bath and shower bombs

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How To Make Homemade Mouthwash For $0.02 Per Ounce
Extraordinary Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe to Reverse and Prevent Cavities. Make your own inexpensive tooth powder for clean teeth without chemicals!
How To Make Homemade Toothpaste Naturally


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Making your own shampoo is simple and will leave your hair soft and moisturized. This coconut rosemary homemade shampoo is made with nourishing ingredients, rosemary essential oil and coconut milk.


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Natural pain killers

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How to Make Lavender Bath Salts - This helps wash away the weariness and soreness from a hard days’ work.
Make your own Lotion Bars in a CrockPot...
This recipe for Homemade Lavender Bath Salts is SO easy and fun to make and you could try using different essential oils and food coloring colors to change things up!

Scrubs and lotion bars

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Calendula Bug Bite Balm Recipe

Bug bites

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