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Detail, Wedding gown by Worth, 1880s. From Tying the Knot: Cleveland Wedding Fashions, 1830-1980 (Through February 14, 2013)

, 1900-1909, Bride, Corset, Clothing, Edwardian (1901-1910), Fashion

François Lesage was a French embroidery designer and heir to the embroidery atelier, Maison Lesage. Pictured is a gown done in partnership with Lanvin.

Ever After: always loved this dress. (drooools)

United States, Wedding Dress, 1887 (detail) Gift of Mrs. Frances Lamson Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Lamson, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Whitney Lamson, Jr., 1971.320, Cincinnati Art Museum.

1840 - 1865: The Charles Dickens era, Civil War Ball Gowns… | VermilionVintage on Xanga

1865 Ballgown

civil war ball gown bodice | 1865 Ballgown « L’eventail: wearing historical costumes

Bronzino sleeves - the same gown as the Eleanora and renaissance pictures, but with gathered-puff sleeves that are inspired by several portraits by Agnolo Bronzino from the 1540s - by ~DecosaDesign on deviantART