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Mistaken identity by Ken Wong - Cover of Mogwai "Take Me Somewhere Nice" - illustration painting girl portrait fishbowl goldfishes

C'est la vie.

Fashion Art C'est La Vie Faux Gold Print Wall by TheMotivatedType

ascolta i miei silenzi e troverai tutte le risposte

Si ascoltiamoli veramente, i nostri bambini ♥

io sono responsabile di quello che dico non di quello che capisci. /  I am responsible for what I say not for what you understand

I am responsible for what I say not for what you understand - dire e capire

La fiducia

La fiducia The most beautiful accessory women should never forget to wear every morning is the TRUST INTO THEMSELVES.

ABC's needed. Cute! Hugs Kisses Caresses

Learning Italian - The best vitamin A, B and C: Abbracci (hugs), Baci (Kisses), Carezze (Caresses).

Oriana #Fallaci

Oriana Be Different.it

La nottee

La nottee

La mamma e' sempre la mamma

a child was asked where they lived, she answered: where my mom lives. "La mamma e' sempre la mamma ~ Mom and always the mother"

La musica

Music can translate thoughts into emotions.

Io sorrido

Fairy Products Archives - Fairies & Co

Anche la follia merita i suoi applausi  (Alda Merini)

Even the madness deserves your applause.

La mancanza

mancanza, missing u

Il vero problema

Il vero problema