Just some steampunk, love it

Clockworker Girl by Sina Domino Collins. This classic Steampunk leather corset & bustier has gears & clockwork pieces in the leather to create the pattern, all detailed & influenced by her fire, red hair.

Colours :)

The Girls Mom Warned You About. Hot girls with tattoos. Hot Girls With Tattoos . art - attractive - beautiful - cute - sexy girls with tattoos.

Star love ?

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I just love this

This girl really went all out with the full sleeve tattoo, and the tattoo design even extends onto her back. The sleeve tattoo art is inked on her left arm

Old school japanese

A stunning classic full body Japanese tattoo. Japanese tattoo art has several names – irezumi or horimono in the Japanese language. Irezumi is the word for the traditional visible tattoo that covers large parts of the body like the back.

Tigers on a belly

I haven't done much research before into tiger tattoos, so I was surprised and excited to find some pretty cool ones out there. Because of the nature and body structure of the tiger, it's a little more difficult to work with than other tattoo.