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Steve McCurry photo:Perhaps through work or play, a son is overwhelmed with fatigue. As the father protectively places his arms around his son, we witness a moment of tenderness. This image was shot in Afghanistan.

When Macedonia closed its border to migrants last month, after declaring a state of emergency, thousands spent a night in no-man's-land. The following morning they tried to push through police lines, leading officers to fire stun grenades into the crowd. AP photographer Darko Vojinovic captured this young father's despair. In the previous three weeks 39,000 migrants had been registered as they passed through the country en route for Serbia, and then Hungary - a member of the European Union.

A man and boy react as they are stuck between Macedonian riot police officers and migrants during a clash near the border train station of Idomeni, Aug. Heart-Rending Photos Of Migrant Children Caught In Border Clashes

They made the world care - but where are they now? Every so often, a striking image captures the struggle refugees and migrants face on their way to northern Europe. For a while, it catches the public's attention - but what happens to these people after the cameras leave? Katie Razzall met three of them.

Every so often, a striking image of refugees struggling to reach Europe catches the world's attention - but what happens to these people after the cameras leave?

Generazioni Calabria #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Generazioni Calabria #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola