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an image with the words, praying against the spirit of blockage and barriers
Prayer Against The Spirit Of Blockage And Barriers - ChristiansTT
a book with the title 5 verses to pray when you need god to do the impossible
The Bible says, Nothing is impossible for God. These 5 prayers will help you pray when you need Him to do what only He can do in your impossible circumstances. #Prayer #BibleStudy #Faith #AnythingisPossible
a prayer for blessing over your home
5 Powerful Scriptures to Pray over Your Home and Family
Do you pray God's Word over your home? There is power in praying Bible verses over the things that are important to us. Here are 5 scriptures to pray over your home and family. #prayerforyourhome #scriptures #prayoveryourhome #prayer #bibleverses
Prayer to Break Evil Soul Ties
a light bulb with the words 3 ways to activate the anonning
3 Ways to Activate the Anointing - KCM Blog