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Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Skeleton of the Cyborg Astronaut

Almost the end of the year, but nothing can stop creativity. Today, we'd like to feature the work of another Veteran CG artist, Pascal Blanche, art directo

Seongmin Ahn - Pho 18x13 Ink and color powder on mulberry paper 2010

Traditional Korean Minhwa (folk painting) illustrations by Seongmin Ahn Proximity Unity-the waves all belong together which make this picture have unity even though the waves are out of place in the bowl.

Johnny Dombrowski Illustration – more (intricate) images @ – #Illustration #Animal

One thing I love about illustration is the variety of styles a single illustrator does nowadays. Everyone is multi-task, and also does lots of cool stuff, like this American artist, Johnny Dombrowski. His work is pretty amazing.

Kathe Kollwitz, “Conspiracy"

Love the ominous vibe. Deep shadows and a strong light source. Perfect setting for a delicIous tale.