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Hours of Étienne Chevalier

The Hours of Étienne Chevalier is an illuminated book of hours commissioned by Étienne Chevalier, treasurer to king Charles VII of France, from the miniature painter and illuminator Jean Fouquet. Only 48 of its leaves with 47 miniatures survive, dispersed across seven collections in Europe and the United States of America. Here are some of my favourites.
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Jean Fouquet, Annunciation of the Virgin Mary's Approaching Death

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Jean Fouquet

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Jean Fouquet, Saint Bernard Praying with His Monks, Saint Bernard Tempted by Satan

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Jean Fouquet, Ancient History to Caesar and the Deeds of the Romans; page depicting a battle between Romans and Carthaginians at Cannae in 216 BC

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Jean Fouquet, Christ Before Pilate and Construction of the Cross

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Jean Fouquet, Birth of John the Baptist

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Jean Fouquet, Martyrdom of Saint James the Elder

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Jean Fouquet, Vespers for the Dead

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Jean Fouquet, Martyrdom of Saint Bernard

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Jean Fouquet, Entombment

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