bacheca di stick e angel

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a drawing of a blue and green cartoon character surrounded by roses
two cartoon characters hugging each other in front of hearts
a christmas card with an image of stitchy the elephant and snowman in front of a christmas tree
a cartoon character with a snowman and an elephant in front of a snowy background
two cartoon characters are hugging each other in the same color scheme, one is blue and the other is pink
Stitch & Angela Wallpaper
a pink pony with big eyes sitting on top of a pink floor next to a wall
Wallpaper Stitch | Cartoon Wallpaper Iphone, Funny Iphone | Lilo and stitch drawings, Cartoon wallpaper iphone, Stitch drawing
the stitcher with hearts floating out of it's eyes is looking at something
an animal with big eyes and a hat on it's head sitting next to another animal
olha meu edit
two cartoon characters in a boat surrounded by water and bubbles, one is looking at the other
a little pink elephant with hearts on it's head peeking out from behind a blank sign