Cucina Naturale

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a black plate topped with an open face sandwich
The Avocado Show Restaurant Takes Our Obsession for Avocado to a Whole New Level - KickAss Things
a white plate topped with meat and olives on top of a wooden cutting board
Feta arrosto con olive e miele
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Salsiccia vegana in versione RAW molto semplice - Veganblog - ricette e prodotti dal mondo vegan
a white bowl filled with cooked potatoes next to a wooden spoon and bottle of olive oil
Polpette di ceci, ricetta semplicissima veloce e light
a person holding up some granola cookies
Peanut Butter Powder Cookies
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a blue and white plate
Affettato vegano di ceci e pomodori secchi fatto in casa -
some food is laying out on the table and ready to be eaten by someone else
Falafel con farina di ceci e carote speziati - Videoricetta -
three chocolate chip cookies sitting next to each other
Biscotti con farina di ceci
two flat bread pizzas on a white plate next to three bottles of hot sauce
Piadine di CECI (circa 60 kcal l’una) -
crackers with nuts and rosemary are arranged on a sheet of parchment paper
Crackers istantanei senza glutine e senza lievito
some pita chips are in a bowl on a cutting board
Chips di ceci
two bowls filled with broccoli, chickpeas and other food on top of a table
Green Goddess Bowls with Pepita Lime Sauce (vegan) | The First Mess
1h 10m
a bowl filled with soup next to two spoons
Vegan Thai green curry - Lazy Cat Kitchen
1h 5m
two tortillas topped with vegetables and sauce on a slate surface next to green leaves
Green Garlic Spinach Flatbread
some food is sitting on top of a rack
Rainbow Chard & Feta Cheese Börek — Green Kitchen Stories
a pan filled with broccoli, carrots and other vegetables next to rice
Vegan Thai green curry - Lazy Cat Kitchen
1h 5m
two white plates filled with different types of vegetables and rice on top of each other
Green Pea Falafel Bowl — Green Kitchen Stories
a close up of a pie on a wooden surface with rosemary sprigs next to it
Focaccia di ceci al rosmarino e aglio
two flat breads are on a green cloth
Pane indiano di ceci