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Marco Scanu
Today, meet Marco Scanu, our agronomist and expert of the olive tree. Amidst the lush greenery of our olive groves, he shares his passion for quality and sustainability. From resilient cultivation techniques to the vital role of bees, join us in discovering the essence of freshness in every drop of our premium olive oil. 🫒✨ Discover the full story behind our passion for quality and sustainability:
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Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Introducing our award-winning Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the perfect addition to any kitchen! Our Coratina boasts a robust flavor profile with hints of green almond and a peppery finish. It's perfect for finishing dishes like salads, grilled vegetables, and bruschetta, or as a dipping oil for your favorite crusty bread. Elevate your cooking game with our top-quality Coratina! Get our award-winning Coratina EVOO home delivered! Shop now:
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Monini Four Peppers Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Discover the art of flavor enhancement with Monini's curated selection of Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Try Monini Four Peppers Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 🫒 Perfectly suited for pizza, stir fries, and barbecue dishes, its versatile essence elevates every bite. Craft zesty salad dressings and marinades effortlessly, infusing your creations with vibrant flavor. Just a few drops suffice to unlock a burst of taste in every dish. Indulge in the extraordinary.
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Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Experience the quality that our customers love! Visit our Amazon storefront to explore Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oils and more, a favorite for its rich flavor and versatility. 💚 Ready to share your thoughts? Shop and leave a review for your favorite Monini product! Your feedback means the world to us! 🙌✨
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How to Make: Focaccia
Craving a Focaccia that tastes as good as what Italian grandmothers have been making for generations? 🍞🌿 We've got you covered with some essential tips, starting with the most important one: picking the right Olive Oil. Enjoy the delicious, aromatic Focaccia with the recipe over on our Instagram! 🍞✨
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Monini Olive Oil
Monini Olive Oil: the heart of the Mediterranean diet, crafted to unite in your gatherings with loved ones. Because there's nothing more beautiful than savoring delicious food in the company of family, especially outdoors. Elevate every bite with the essence of Monini, and create unforgettable moments around the table. 🌿💫 Get yours today and taste the difference. Link below:
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Sustainable Farming Practices
Monini's commitment goes beyond our exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oils, delving into a world of exciting initiatives! 🌱🫒 Our ambitious goal: planting 1 million olive trees, ensuring 100% organic or integrated farming in all groves. Join us in prioritizing innovative and sustainable farming techniques across Italy. 🇮🇹✨ Click the link below to learn more about our sustainable farming practices and how we're making a positive impact 🙌
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Monini Amabile Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Discover the elegance of Monini Amabile Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a distinguished member of our 100% Italian EVOO collection. 💙 With its fruity balanced fragrance and mild, floral, grassy notes, this high-quality extra virgin olive oil is the quintessential addition to any dish. Ideal for fish, eggs, bread, focaccia, and pizza, let Monini Amabile be your secret to culinary excellence. Click the link below to order your very own bottle of Monini EVOO today 🫒
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Ambassador of Italian Taste in the USA
We are thrilled to announce that Monini is now the Ambassador of Italian Taste in the USA! 🇮🇹🌿 Representing sustainable extra virgin olive oil at the Week of Italian Cuisine. 🌱 Our commitment to a greener future takes center stage. 🍽️🌍
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Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil
It’s the oil that makes the recipe, so choose the best option there is! 🙌 Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very versatile thanks to its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics. It can transform dishes from ordinary to exquisite, and enhances flavors with just a drizzle, or a pour! Discover the taste of our Originale EVOO and unlock a world of culinary possibilities! 👩‍🍳 Link below:
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Monini Amabile Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Did you try our Monini Amabile Extra Virgin Olive Oil yet? It’s medium fruity and balanced with mild, floral and grassy flavors. It’s wonderful for bread, pizza, and focaccia, and even better for delicate dishes like protein or salads! 🍴😉 🛒 Amabile EVOO right to you, at the link below:
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Monini GranFruttato
Transform your dessert game with Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oils! 🍰✨ Crafted from the finest Italian olives, our EVOOs add a unique richness to your sweet creations. And for the perfect finishing touch, try our GranFruttato—pure liquid gold from Italian olives, making it an ideal finishing oil for that extra burst of flavor. Click the link below to shop our full range of premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
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Porcini Mushrooms Flavored EVOO
Monini Porcini Mushrooms Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings a delicate earthiness to your favorite risotto, pasta dishes and stews. Only a drizzle will suffice to bring the subtle richness and wonderful flavor, making your meals feel like restaurant quality! Infuse your winter recipes with Italian flair using our Monini Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils. 🛒 Shop through the link below:
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Winter Fancy Food Show
Join us in Las Vegas at booth #2919 for the Winter Fancy Food Show from January 21st to 23rd! Immerse yourself in the world of our award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils and meet our passionate Monini team, eager to share our rich Italian heritage with you! For more information, click the link below: