Monica Maffei

Monica Maffei

Distinguo il giorno dalla notte,il bene dal male,la ragione dalla follia. Riesco a vedere le mie emozioni e a sentire i miei dubbi , senza dimenticare che io s
Monica Maffei
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Crochet Baby Hat and Booties in white and hot pink colours for your little one ♡♡♡. Made with a Baby Care soft acrylic yarn, decorated with satin ribbon. Easy care, machine wash at 40ºC Made with love ♥♥♥  ★ Hat and booties sizes:  Hat 0 - 3 months, booties 3 5 (9cm) Hat 3 - 6 months, booties 4 (10cm) Hat 6 - 9 months, booties 4.5 (11cm) ★ PLEASE SELECT HAT AND BOOTIES SIZE ★  Can be made in other colours, please see the yarn and satin ribbon pictures, select a colours and add a note for the…

Crochet Baby Hat and Baby Booties beanie gift baby white satin ribbon baby shower photo prop