Monica Aliboni

Monica Aliboni

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ShopStyle: Dolce & Gabbana - Virgin Mary & Red Rose Resin Earrings

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

what the....? I hope they are not for pierced ears. These aren't shoulder dusters they are more like breast dusters.

sedefisim: “ Sasha Pivovarova at Dolce and Gabbana spring/summer 2011. ”

Dolce and Gabbana Fall-Winter 2016/17

♛ ♛ The Queen's Daughter {so what, my mum's the royal queen} ♛ ♛ Poppy Pea Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2016

Dovima in Balenciaga, 1950

hairstyles of the 20's for long hair - Google Search

Penélope Cruz (Penélope Cruz Sánchez) (born in Alcobendas (Spain) on April 28, 1974)

I like her hair, she however, is disgusting. Not a fan. I post some celebrities up because of there fashion sometimes, but not because im a fan of them. Just making that clear!!!