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Food Map of Italy

Travel map illustration by Esther Loopstra showing the food from various regions of Italy. Created in a whimsical style, this fun map creates depth with texture and color. Lovely hand lettering and hand drawn line too!

The Italian Aperitivo

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Quem se importa?

Learning Italian Language ~ Chissenefrega (who cares) Cute site, but chi se ne frego actually is a bit more flavorful of a phrase, "Who gives a damn".

#italianlessons #badwords#jajaja

#italianlessons #badwords#jajaja

New Italian provinces 2012 ~ web page is filled with Italian ancestry help.

My family is from Campania. One side from Aversa in Caserta and the other from Scafati in Salerno.

Italian Phrases Acqua in bocca

Top 10 Italian Phrases to Make You Sound More Italian Instantly

Italian Expressions Piovere a catinelle

20 Hilarious Everyday Italian Expressions You Should Use

Mapa de italia Más

Mapa de Italia, Italia Mapa

Italian Phrases Peggio per te

Top 10 Italian Phrases to Make You Sound More Italian Instantly

Want to slip in more sophisticated expressions to sound even more Italian? Here are the top 10 Italian phrases add to your vocabulary.