Mattia Caruso

Mattia Caruso

Whatch out: we got a badass over there! Or some good food for eyes. Have a nice life!
Mattia Caruso
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Video documentation about my xilographic artwork: drawing, engraving, cutting, printing and assemblig.

Erik Olson

Look, 2012 oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

Modern Problems in Cartoons (22 pics)

Iran Cartoons organized an international contest for single-panel cartoons on the theme of reading 2011 reading keeps the mind young

GIF Illustrations by Rebecca Mock – Fubiz™

rebeccamock: Party This is a still life of the home studio I’ve kept recently. It draws partially from real life and partially from symbolism, fantasy, and narrative. gif version (x) my favorite one

Wired Magazine Lettering (Lettering) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

fill bubble wrap with different colors of paint and let kids have a paint party and pop the bubbles! Cute and fun idea! Or make a cute sign for a wall.and don't pop the bubbles.of paint .