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Martianus Capella (5th century) De nuptiis Philologiæ et Mercurii, 11th century. This work, by Carthaginian lawyer Martianus Capella, introduces a different world system from the one devised by Ptolemy. The Moon, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn orbit around the Earth, while Mercury and Venus orbit around the Sun.

“ Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Philologiæ et Mercurii, century Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, San Marco f. This work introduces a different world system from the one devised.


TO TRAVEL… we had this same globe growing up and I used to spin and spin it and imagine all the places I'd go. I never would have imagined all the places I would go! So many new places, faces and wonderful adventures! Thankful for my travel family!

Mapamundi de Juan de la Cosa, 1500. Juan de la Cosa - Spanish navigator, cartographer, designed the first map of the world that showing the lands discovered in Americas.

The world map of the Spanish cartographer, conquistador and explorer Juan de la Cosa created in 1500 is the earliest world map showing part of the Americas. Juan de la Cosa sailed the first 3 voyages with Columbus and was the captain of the Santa María.

This feeling is accomplish when one has found inner peace within oneself naturally .it is the most beautiful and natural feeling to experience inner peace and joy within oneself that is natural ecstasy and it is Not found by the use of outer addictio