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Les Deux Magots, Paris: The name originally belonged to a fabric and novelty shop at nearby 23 Rue de Buci. The shop sold silk lingerie and took its name from a popular play of the moment entitled Les Deux Magots de la Chine (Two Figurines from China).

the best hot chocolate ever. amour! Angelina Tea Room and Cafe, Paris.

Angelina Cafe

Paris Photography Collection, Orange

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"Sweat Shop" in Paris. A place where people can come in, rent the sewing machines and work on making or re-doing their clothes. Sort of a cyber cafe with sewing machines. Great idea, great room. Ah..Paris

If you're not into sewing, the concept is definitely bizarre: a cafe in the heart of Paris chockablock full of sewing machines. Ok, if you are into sewing,

Paris Cafe

Maurice Brange, Au Café (Solita Solano and Djuna Barnes in Paris, , originally uploaded by Gatochy . Click image for 1494 x 1000 size.

I like it so much am including two photos - hot chocolate at Angelina's Cafe in Paris.

Café Angelina (Paris) I