DIY up-cycled plant pots made out of tin cans using paint and string. GORGEOUS simple home decor DIY. Upcycle everyday home items into plant holders.

DIY- Eucalyptus garland

DIY Eucalyptus Garland -

Fearless Authentic wedding detail florals & flowerdesign inspiration ideas for a bride-to-be DIY- Eucalyptus garland

DIY Plaited Planter tutorial | Fall For DIY

DIY Plaited Planter

Four easy-to-find materials are all you need to make this pretty braided planter. With air dry clay.

tutorial that shows you how to make your very own simple foliage wreathes to hang proudly on the wall or front door. What You’ll Need An embroidery hoop (or Foliage Secateurs to trim foliage Green Florist Tape Fishing line Yarn to hang Read


How to Repot Succulents - the first two months are the hardest to keep succulents alive! Here are 7 tips to keep them healthy and happy. via hello hydrangea

Green bathroom

by Vivian Chen While public parks and green spaces are essential for our quality of life, indoor greenery and house plants are just as important to our well being. Plants not only purify indoor.

Wreath making

some thoughts on making wreaths and a competition

Flower Girl

Custom fresh flower crowns for the boho bride by Flower Girl Los Angeles. If you're looking to rock a flower crown at your wedding and happen to be in LA, look no further. Flower Girl Los Angeles's crowns are stunning.

DIY: flower garland wall hanging


DIY: Flower Garland Wall Hanging / Backdrop--otherwise know as cat toys galore